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Elizabeth Cunningham


Elizabeth Cunningham is the owner and founder of Cool Confidence Clinic. With more than 13 years of medical esthetic experience, Elizabeth specializes in cutting edge lasers to tighten, brighten and clear skin. With her multi-pronged approach, Elizabeth carefully customizes laser therapies to treat acne, scarring and a multitude of aging concerns— from fine lines and wrinkles to deeper skin tightening. Elizabeth holds certifications in over 10 different medical-grade lasers. She artfully uses them in combination to achieve maximum results in minimal time. Elizabeth complements each laser treatments with specialized skin care to promote healing—and the ultimate glow.

Elizabeth is also one of New York City’s premier non-invasive body contouring specialists. As a Cool Sculpting provider for more than a decade, Elizabeth is a go-to expert practitioner of the fat-freezing technology. From finessing delicate areas under the chin to contouring waists, backs and legs, Elizabeth has the experience to beautifully sculpt the body.

Elizabeth is passionate about helping you feel confident if your own skin. As a mother and business owner, she’s had her own journey to confidence. Her life’s work is to help her patients find their own path to their ultimate confidence. With her warmth and attention to personal care, Cool Confidence clinic offers a uniquely private, individualized experience that will make you look and feel your best, inside and out.

As a mother and dedicated business owner, Passionate is the best word to describe her! Elizabeth became a Esthetician for one main reason, TO HELP PEOPLE FEEL CONFIDENT IN THEIR OWN SKIN! As a Mother she knows the personal struggles of having a child and trying to maintain body confidence.
This is why she decided to help so many others who are struggling. Elizabeth puts customer service first and knows that every patient has their own story and journey. She is here to help you find your path.